Good Self-Talk.



Today be aware of your self-talk.

Notice if you are kind to yourself or too harsh. 

Creating a balance between a healthy amount of self-talk and a healthy amount of critical talk is key.

You can be too...

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How Your Thoughts Become Things.



You are a universal brilliance.

Despite the outward appearance, you are far more than what meet’s the eye.

Actually you are a tri-plane human being.

You are spiritual.

You have an intellect.

You live in a...

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Whats With All The Measuring?



If a book is a best-seller, does this mean it's the best book ever written?

If you've never heard of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Checkov, or Dickens then it's because of the number game. They are some of the authors of the...

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From The Mentor: Bob Proctor How Your Thoughts Create Your Results


"Change your thoughts - change your life. Learn how easy it is to begin winning by thinking."


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