How Your Thoughts Become Things.



You are a universal brilliance.

Despite the outward appearance, you are far more than what meet’s the eye.

Actually you are a tri-plane human being.

You are spiritual.

You have an intellect.

You live in a physical body.


Your thoughts come to you by way of your reasoning faculty in your conscious mind where you have perception, memory, will, intuition, imagination and reason as your ultimate powers and you can choose to reject or accept any thought with the use of your free will.

Do you accept the good and reject the bad or accept the bad and reject the good in your life?

All thoughts pass through the conscious mind whether you created the thought or someone gave you the thought and create feelings that turn into actions which turn into the results in your life.

Now, when you group thoughts together they form ideas.

Repetition of an idea is then impressed into the subconscious mind where you have no ability to reject them. This idea could be negative or positive and your subconscious mind can only accept them as true.

These ideas become fixed over a period of time and form paradigms which are a group of habits.

Paradigms are what control the majority of results in your life because you will attract what you are not who you say you are.

Have you ever wondered why you pick up the same habits as those your associate or notice how you walk, talk or act like those who raised you?

You’ll notice this happening at light speed when you think a thought and then have a corresponding feeling.

For example, you may think of a poor child on a street in India begging to survive another day and feel bad.

Alternatively, you may think about an upcoming holiday and become happier. What was the difference?

Well, as William Shakespeare said...
“Nothing is good or bad, except your thinking makes it so.”

It’s actually not the circumstance but rather the feeling that was caused by the acceptance of the thought as the circumstance being bad or good. You can learn to control this mechanism by changing your perception.

Once you change your perception you change the way you look at things and you can formulate new, brighter and better ideas. You and those in your life are programmed to act, think and feel a certain way.

Think about it.

This is why change is often hard because you may be focused only on attempting to change the result without going to the cause.

The cause of your results is in your thinking. The motivating force for change is desire combined with dissatisfaction.

You must be completely and overwhelmingly “done” with the results your experiencing before the change can occur.
This is because to alter one’s conditioning you must be willing to go through the “pain of change.” As it’s comfortable living within your comfort zone, even if you absolutely hate the results your getting.

A recent scientific study revealed at least 48% of our daily lives is spent repeating actions that are autonomous. We give no thought to them as they are mentally conditioned or your paradigm.

That person who is always late - conditioned.

That person who always complains - conditioned.

That person who is constantly in a string of terrible relationships - conditioned.

The person who is always positive, joyful and upbeat - conditioned.

The only question is who do you want to be? You have a choice.

All fixed ideas that are conditioned within you were accepted by you at a point in time, whether it was a conscious or unconscious decision that does not matter. You accepted them. But this is also your power to create change in your life.

You can choose to rewire your conditioning and delete the virus code.

If you’re sick and tired of not having the quality of relationship you want, the health you know you require to live a long vitality rich life or simply done with being broke or in debt then accept the responsibility for you attracting those results and you’ve taken the first step towards change.

All achievement and failure begin in your thoughts.

Reclaim your power and start choosing to accept thoughts and impress ideas that are in harmony with your aspirations and purpose.

Reject the thoughts the seek to undermine you, belittle you and hold you back. Lastly, cultivate an environment that supports this new growth.

Quit hanging around negative people, reduce your TV exposure or watch uplifting programs, listen to Podcasts that will brighten your day and expand your thinking.

For the next 7 days read this in the morning and start to observe your habits and watch others as well.

How you communicate with people, what you eat, how you work down to how you think when someone shares an opinion with you. Hire a coach, a mentor or attend seminars to foster new patterns of thinking.

The good news is in the last 7,000 years of recorded history there is not one person who has ever lived that has not been through, experienced or solved the problem you are experiencing.

The answers are here for you, seek them out.

You’ll be amazed at how automatic some things you do are.

You will also identify which habits to remove and make way for the new you.

Vaughan Liddicoat.


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