Founder, Trainer, Entrepreneur & Dancer.


Vaughan Liddicoat is an international speaker and has coached clients in over 30 countries with ten’s of thousands of people accessing his courses, training material and seminars.

His chief aim in life is helping people live "your best life, ever" by creating their own unique path.

He had a successful career as a professional Ballroom dancer and was 4 x former World Professional Representative for Australia.

Currently, he is the CEO of The EnTribe, owner of two companies, and an investor in Swedish entrepreneur education-tech startup - Cubimo.

Recently Vaughan founded Mission For Millions a for-purpose organization that helps lift children out of extreme water poverty.

A part of each sale from any product or service sold goes towards this social enterprise with a goal of providing 1,000,000 clean water days by 2020.

He believes money is not wealth and spending your days doing what you love, living out your purpose, getting paid for it whilst having the TIME to do what you want...is true wealth.

Over the years he has worked with and learned from the best in the personal development industry with Bob Proctor, star of The Secret and "Think Legacy", quoting: "Vaughan is the epitome of been there done that. From a young age, he has shown proficiency for turning dreams into reality. He is helping people all around the world take the next step towards success."


  • Co-founder of world's first live streaming of Ballroom dancesport competitions with DSI-London.tv.
  • Owner & Director of The International Dance Studio & Ballroom Mastery, the world's first online live Ballroom dance classes.
  • Viewed over 3,000,000 times on YouTube.
  • Four-Time World Professional 10-Dance Representative for Australia & Australian Finalist for Ballroom, Latin & New Vogue Professional Divison.
  • Founding investor in Cubimo, Swedish Ed-tech startup with over 500,000 followers and 30,000 users.
  • Founder of Mission For Millions a not for profit, for purpose organization, so far delivering 30,000+ water days. Dedicated to eradicating extreme water poverty globally.
  • Founder & Current CEO of The EnTribe.
  • International Speaker, Trainer & Thought Leader.

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