Your Mind Garden.



Consider your mind a garden and anything you plant in it will grow.

You could plant a tree and dictate how tall it will grow.

You could plant a weed and from that seed will sprout one thousand more and choke the garden bed.


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Action In Attraction.



If you attract what you are then you should be that which you seek.

Act as if it is good advice, if, at your core, you truly believe what you seek is coming to you.

But if what you seek is also seeking you then it pays...

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Attraction Is Always In Action.



Frequently the question is asked, how can I attract what I desire?

The mistake that is illuminated is to think you choose to attract.

That is like believing you control when the tide will go out or when the...

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From The Mentor: Bob Proctor How Your Thoughts Create Your Results


"Change your thoughts - change your life. Learn how easy it is to begin winning by thinking."


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