No Matter How You Feel.



Get up.

Get dressed. 

Show up.

Your feelings are not always right and should not always be listened to.

How many times have you not felt like doing something, did it & felt great after? 


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Skip The Baby Steps.



As I strive to grow into a better Dad each day I am reminded of the saying “you’ve got to crawl before you can walk.”

Except recently I learned that’s not true. 

Babies can go straight...

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You Are Better Than You Think.



Evidence of absence is not the absence of evidence.” 

Just because you can’t see it does not mean it does not exist. 

You have a power that flows to and through you and you can direct it by...

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By Yourself But Not Alone.



"You've got to do it by yourself but you can't do it alone."

The rap artist sitting in his dark basement has to battle it out with his mind to write and re-write lyrics through the night into the early sun morning but needs his...

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Ready. Fire. Aim!



I’d never felt so nervous at this moment. My back was against the wall, hands were clammy, my heartfelt like 50,000 horses pounding the earth. It took all my training to keep composed but the sounds of the...

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