Design Your Life.



Imagine your life as a canvas and your imagination as a paintbrush. 

You can sketch, write, draw, paint, or colour it anyway you choose. 

By defining a pattern on the canvas you instantly form a shape and give yourself...

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Decision Spirals.



From audiences I speak to all across the world to the one on one coaching clients I have, some in very high positions, most people say they are weak decision-makers.

They are not as straight forward as saying yes or...

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The Uncommitted Chicken.



When it comes to an English breakfast the saying goes the chicken is only interested as it only offers up the eggs whilst the pig is committed. 

Are you truly committed to your life’s craft?

If I were to...

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Indecision Is A Decision.



Do it, don't do it.

Stay, don't stay.

Buy it, don't buy it.

Ambivalence is the cause of tremendous frustration for most people.

What most fail to recognize is that light speed decision changing will bring more...

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Burn Your Ships & Get Committed!



"Hernando Cortez seized an Aztec fortune using this principle..."

How you can overcome procrastination and make the decision you may have been fearful to make. 
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