Are Your Words Really Powerful?



Outside of people, words do not exist yet the entire universe seems to function without them, often better than when we seem to meddle with it.
By our own very nature, we craft a way of speaking in many dialects, so we can get a sense of certainty in a world that provides no certainty.

I like the way Alan Watts says "there are no inches in the wood.

Measurements are something we create, and use to great advantage, to give us a sense of control. 

Words do the same. 

They do the very best to paint a picture so we can comprehend the incomprehensible and feel in place.

But do you ever really feel like you're right at home in our own skin?

I mean this envelope encased soul seeking expression with-out.

Words appear of little value except for the transference [energy of the words] behind them and the meaning or emotion attached.
We all think things we would never say out loud; you know...those dark thoughts.

Those thoughts often do little unless the emotion is attached to them. 

We can also entertain an idea without accepting it.

Vis a vis, a conscious thought versus a subconscious conditioned thought.

However, a conscious thought even though you talk to yourself, if it is rejected has little effect on your emotional state, attitude, what you attract.

Praxis, on the other hand, is the integration of belief and action.

We can say one thing and believe another.

This happens all the time, just listen to the conversations around you.

Our words are actually exceptionally limited when attempting to explain what is really happening around us.

As a basic experiment take a song [most of which use the most basic language] that you know and sing it in monotone.

Now, take the same song an add a complete and powerful emotion into the same song - which one is better?
Maybe poetry is closest to colour the world with words but saying words alone are powerful...just seems like trying to create a false sense of control where the true control is in mastering what thoughts you accept or reject from what you hear and determine your own thinking.
It is easy for everyone to believe words are powerful but then again, how many people make the same ol' promises and break them?

Values are not revealed by words although most reveal their values through words, they are truly revealed by actions as an extension of beliefs and more importantly not something you say rather something you exemplify within your works.

By all means, stretch your vocabulary, find intricate and unique ways to combine the code of letters and words to make sense of it all but know that you are a thinking centre operating through emotion with a limited capacity to explain the process.

The thoughts & images you choose to accept are vitally important and the emotion you attach to the words you say is critical.



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