Starting: Why You Must Begin Now!



More ideas exist than executioners. There will always be an oversupply of life-changing and world-changing ideas. But it is the person who executes their idea to whom the fame, fortune, and notoriety go to.

We are raised to see the world as it is and not as it could be. It’s as if we’ve hit the pinnacle of where we are as a society and it couldn’t get any better...or worse, depending on how you look at it.

If we look at history we will see that our biggest leaps and technological advances came from a desire that is innate within each of us. There is a stirring within our soul that edges us to the next frontier. We are looking for the best way to do that thing.  

I mean think about it. There is no reason to have a car that can drive 400kph when legal speed limits will never let you go past 110kph (depending on where you live). There is no real reason to have more than one pair of shoes or have more tables and chairs than the number of people in your house. But why do we want more?

It is not greed nor is it materialism, although many scholars disagree. It’s because within you there is a soul wanting to do more. To express more. The constant seeking of a restless condition. It will never be satisfied if you live below your highest potential.

The cause of so much unhappiness is squashing this part of you. There are desires, ambitions, and ideas that must be expressed. The ultimate reason you exist is to bring your ideas to the world as that is a true reflection of you as a co-creator with God, spirit or the universe. Now is your time and it’s time not to shy away from what you’re seeking because what you want is also seeking you.

You get to choose, you get to decide.

In fact, the world we live is a constant reminder of someone else’s idea of coming to life.

The starting point is a decision.

What idea do you want to breathe life into?

You, my friend, are loaded with power and possibility. There mere fact you have perhaps undermined your potential is only a reflection of the environment you surround yourself with and the conditioning you have been raised to believe.

Commit upon reading this you will take an action, no matter how small, to the execution of your big, bold, beautiful idea. That you will find the people who will fuel your idea and help you sustain your new beliefs.

You only have one chance to live. You only have one time to act and that is now. You only get one life as you have it.

Bring your idea to the world for all to benefit and know that at the end of your life you will be happy from the chances you took rather than the ones you know you didn’t.



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