Your Goals V. What’s Good For Your Life.



There is getting what you want and then getting what is good for you.

It would be a very fortunate person who gets the two precisely to line up.

The two are often world's apart in what that means for your life.

Let's say you set your highly ambitious goals and you make all the shifts in your persona, habits, and modify your behavior than sacrifice your time and money for an unknown period and you get to your goal.

What if that achievement actually shatters your life?

You may not be able to handle the pressure, the level of commitment you need to keep the success, and you may not like the person you became in the process. You may have made allowances on your values that see you lie, cheat, or steal to the top.

You may say well it's about your perception of the situation or that as you grow you also grow into a bigger person therefore capable of handling whatever comes your way.

This may be true but from looking into the lives of some of the richest, most famous, titans of industry throughout history it's often not the case.

Out of 500 of the 19th centuries richest and most successful men, Napoleon Hill [Author of Think and Grow Rich] interviewed, Hill himself in a rare audio interview said: "only 3 had peace of mind the rest were some of the most wretched and abject of the poor."

Think of the lives of modern day celebrities.

Although many people covet their lives if you really think about the invasion of privacy, the microscope they are under, the serious difficulty of finding a real partner who loves you for you - does that really make the opportunities they are afforded worth it?

Many in that space don't have the constitution to keep a healthy life in order. 

This is not a negative version of a what-if game and this is certainly not a message to say don't set goals and not to have ambition.

You absolutely must have both and set them both very high.

Let me tell you if I got my initial goals (my first goal was to earn $247,000 per month) by the age of 21 I would of died of a drug overdose in some mansion in California. I was not equipped to handle anything like that. 

I was an out of control kid who really lived fast and partied hard. I also worked 7 days per week, no matter how hungover, I studied personal development every day, hit the gym, danced 6 days per week and believed that my big goals were the thing I wanted.

I thank God for the grace and the fact that I did not get everything I wrote as a goal, or strive to hit. It would of ruined my opportunity of what I have now.

Over a decade later I look at the quality of my life, the output of work I get to exude and the ability to live and work when and where I want and with whom.

But you may argue that you are only ready for something when you are ready to receive it and this could also be true, however, readiness does not constitute a valid policy for goal achievement.

We may only ever get what is good for us, even if that means a painful experience, but what we want may be the ambition that drives us to a create a greater existence each and every day.

It relieves the pressure to know that getting what you want is not the answer and often turns out to be the worst thing whilst getting what is good for you, creates order and meaning within your life which brings fulfillment and beauty amidst the suffering along the pathway.



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