You Are NOT Your Behavior!



Imagine for a moment you're on a ship gliding across the vast, wide-open, deep blue ocean.

You look all around you and see nothing but ocean stretching out to the horizon. The sky is clear and a beautiful light blue. You feel the warm sun on your back.

Now, on the deck of this ship are hundreds of unruly, out of control children.

Welcome to your sub-personalities.

They are not who you are but they certainly come out to play.

You could imagine each child named anger, deceit, malevolence, misery, lazy, jealousy and go on for almost thousands of different characteristics we all can, do, and have the potential to display.


They are a PART of a whole. 

They are all required and serve different functions.

The problem you and I face is which predominant ones are controlling YOU? 

I know when I meet people you can very quickly start to see, once you get under the social mask, which one's are running an absolute MUCK in their life.

Once I had a client and I spent the whole hour explaining that she did not have to live in her predominant identity. 

So I told her to name that bitch. She was stunned. I said...NAME THIS BITCH who is coming out to play. The one who thinks the world owes her a favor. Who thinks she's better than other people. The bitch that is making YOU unhappy, miserable, and out of control of your emotions.

She said...I hate the name Gabby. 

When we give a name to an identity that isn't serving us it becomes real and it also becomes a target we can isolate and take out. Much like a villain in a movie.

Until you know it's named the villain always seems much bigger and badder than it needs to be.

My client was very justified to feel how she felt. Although she was placing herself in the firing line she was being taken advantage of. But her reaction to it was making her bitter and not very nice to be around.

Now, I said to the client for her to recall a time she was absolutely crushing it. She was in control, she was feeling positive, enjoying meeting and chatting to people. The name she gave that identity I can't write here! haha. 

I replied to her to step into that identity now. How would she stand, walk, talk, and act like? What mind frame would she view the world through? How flexible would she be with others? Would she stand up for herself or be walked over?

The change was instant. 

She messaged me later saying her other identity drove her home and a week later was still in control.

She was always had the power to choose which one was coming to play and "Gabby" was in the drivers seat [pun intended] for far too long. The thing was the client didn't know this could happen. She believed that when life hits you, the emotions you experience you HAVE TO re-live and stay in.

Here's what you need to know:

The sub-personalities you give the MOST energy and power to will end up dominating your entire life so make sure they are serving you!

You have the power to alternate and swap out emotional states. 

This doesn't make you a robot. Negative emotions are vital in your life. Negative personalities actually help you not to die!

Just make sure you enact the ones that give you the highest quality existence.

You are not your behavior; you are FAR more than that. 


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