Atheism, God Particle & A Tree



The belief in nothing or no God existing, a creator or intelligent design and the belief in something are both beliefs [Belief is defined as "acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof"]. As it's difficult to prove nothingness, nothing, something, and others actually exist outside of a belief system.

As a belief is an acceptance of something without proof; all atheists have belief systems as no one can definitively point out the facts or scientific evidence God, Gods, a creator, intelligent design do not exist and those who do believe cannot either...but both require faith.

Many atheists don’t even realize that whilst most arguments I’ve heard center around a deity not existing or one who is responsible for the creation, it’s often not recognized that the principles of Western culture are founded on Judaeo Christian beliefs.

On the one hand the fists bash the table to proclaim there is no God and on the other hand we will happily ignore the entire Constitution is written based on Christian ideologies but we are willing participants in living out the laws and keeping the social contract bound so "I can be happy and free to pursue anything I want." [Which is historically we very, VERY new idea]

The argument could go:

God didn't write the bible, man wrote the Bible. But who created man? 

Well, man evolved.

Then why would man contribute a Bible to something other than himself?

...Perhaps group identity wouldn't approve.

Cherry-picking ideologies isn’t how you arrive at a fundamental truth it is how you protect a position.

If you say there is no God, creator, or intelligent design then, typically, science becomes the reasoning mechanism for all creation.

Simultaneously then atheists fundamentally shun billions of people with real belief in a creator.

Systematically destroying something that has upheld many people's lives for thousands of years but what would they suggest those people replace it with?

Nihilism? Science? I mean, neuro-scientists are not even at the beginning as far as answering questions like; what is consciousness?

Why do we have it? and why other living organisms do not?

How does healing actually work?
Not the technical aspects like the mechanics of your body, which we already know [See do we know], but what specifically guides the healing mechanism?

Then peel back that layer and ask what makes that operate? Then peel another layer and like the Hadron Collider discovered [Google: God Particle], there is always another layer.

Same problem with energy.

We cannot create or destroy it we can only control the transformation of energy from one form into another. With all our finite brainy power and "super advancements" why can't we figure this one out and create energy?

So it’s complex.

Because life is lived through a lens, placed in our perceptions at birth and we don’t know any different than the reality we grew up in.

It's exceptionally hard to step out of the social and cultural conditioning that we have been raised in to think in a way that isn't influenced by our beliefs and however they originated.

I think that some confuse atheism with nihilism which is a rejection of all religious and moral principles. In the belief that life is meaningless. There's that word again!

But I think that we have an immense power we barely understand that is within us and works with the infinite to help us run our lives and that makes us capable of withstanding any adversity that stands in our way... as a human collective though...we are not as great as we think we may be. 

We are always at the mercy of nature and like it or not...we can't make a tree! We can grow one...but seriously, how do you make a tree?

Either way, whatever you choose to believe, beliefs are the power that shapes your life and requires faith to execute.

So challenge your own beliefs and choose very wisely.



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