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The future belongs to those who cultivate the capacity to learn, unlearn and relearn in a chosen field.

Whilst the basic principles will always exist there will be new ways to execute on the basic principles which are forever being developed.

This is because the best way to do a thing has not been discovered.

If it had, then all innovation would halt and we would be stuck with I-phone 1...what a drab world this would be.

There is no such thing as an educated person therefore learning has nothing to do with almost everything you have been taught.

Reading, remembering and repeating are not hallmarks of an educated person or intelligence they are hallmarks of a highly developed memory.

Education comes from the Latin word "educere" which means to deduce and lead out from within. 

Your ability to teach yourself new skills, not because you have to, but because you want to will help you hedge against a fast-changing world.

In fact, it is the only security you can create for yourself as money comes and goes, businesses go in and out of business, and governments change over.

The best investment of money you can make is into hiring coaches or attending institutes that demonstrate they are preparing you for a world that is coming and now exists.

Outside of that teach yourself that new skill. Enroll in a course online, attend a workshop, a class, a seminar. 

In my first year of starting an online business, I calculated I spent 3,600+ hours on simply learning, testing, and watching videos teaching myself to create online content, build websites, understand social media, strategy and all sorts of wonderful things.

I didn't see myself as a tech guy at the time but it led me all over the world, to attend seminars in the USA and host 3-day events in Canada. Not to mention invest in a Swedish startup and work in Bob Proctor's coaching company for a period.

None of this would happen if I did not understand this principle of upskilling and unlearning to relearn and build a brighter future, one I could control.



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