The Power Of Negative Motivation.



Positive motivation is where you are spawned into action because of feelings of elation, joy, empowerment, confidence and any other emotion that as a positive effect.

Often people wait around to feel this way before action ensues.

This would be tragic to your dreams.

Unless you have specifically designed a routine or ritual to activate those positive reward centers in your brain on a daily basis you may be waiting around until someone say something nice to you and you feel good, therefore you act.

The problem is you are in reaction mode to the world around you. 

There is a secret to motivation you won't hear about very often but I love to teach this one.

Often negativity is a confused subject for most people.

Like you need to get rid of it or something. 

Negativity is not a mutually exclusive emotion.

Meaning you actually need it or you wouldn't know what positive is.

You need to have a critical eye with a touch of skepticism to really be able to think for yourself.

If you were not aware skeptics actually belong to a philosophical school from the early ancient Greeks. The origin of the word skeptic means to investigate. To suspend judgment and systematic doubt by logic and reason your way through it.

It's not a bad thing but I believe you need to land on a belief and make your own mind up.

However, most people are getting their thoughts and actions controlled by negative influences. Not because they are skeptical in nature but because they are taught to be by the media, television, radio, newspapers.

When you are under the control of a negative influence you have taken the negative words of a person and internalized them. 

They may say "you are a terrible person" or "you are no good." You take an internalize that to be true and your actions are inhibited or stalled because of it.

These types of situations you need to run as far away from as possible.

negative motivator is something entirely different. 

It's something incredibly powerful. 

A negative motivator is when an event happens to you, say, someone says "you can't do that, it is impossible." 

Rather than believe and accept what they say to be true. 

You use what they say as fuel to PROVE THEM WRONG. 

Think about it. 

Jerry Seinfeld always said, "success is the best revenge." 

A negative motivator can also be where you lost the competition and rather than just being positive about it like "oh, well, we did our best" you also say "but I am so embarrassed about how I looked, my best needs to be way better and NEVER AGAIN WILL I LOOK SO BAD."

Then your action hits hyperdrive! 

If you become your own negative influence and your shitty self-chatter is demotivating you-you are becoming your own worst enemy. 

Turn that conversation around and be disturbed, be annoyed, be embarrassed by how you looked and then resolve to NEVER AGAIN look that way and use it for your development and progression forward.

How do you think professional athletes function? The person who comes second is often hungrier than the person who came first. 

Do you think actors are simply laden with positive compliments all day long from a director? Hardly. 

Now you can use the power of both positive motivation AND negative motivation so you never have an excuse as to why you cannot do better every day.



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