The Magic Trick Spotify Played On The World.



All special companies have a magic trick.

This type of trick is normally the very special house trick that they might not even be known for but it's what made them different to everyone else and therefore very popular.

There's an acronym called U.S.P. Unique Selling Proposition coined by Jay Abraham. It means what is the one thing you do that separates you from everyone else in the market place. For example, Domino's "fresh, hot pizza, delivered in 30 minutes guaranteed or you eat free!"

Now they may have a different USP that customers buy into but I think that their trick was more subtle than all music available 24/7.

Spotify is a music service but it was not the first. There were plenty to offer music on the internet pre-Spotify.

What was the magic trick they played?

In the era of bandwidth restrictions on a global scale when Spotify came out; they had a unique advantage. Sweden was one of the first countries with fast internet. 

The trick the played was making it look like you were playing a song as if it were already downloaded to your computer but it wasn't. It was streaming but you didn't really think of it that way.

You also had access to more music from the artists you love for free [unpaid version] but with ads. The company also took a huge revenue hit for the first few years so the musicians and music companies would make money and build trust for Spotify. 

At this point the industry was super negative towards music services thanks to Napster and Kazaa offering all music for free but illegally downloadable.

This may sound unimportant but if your experience of Spotify was lag time of buffering between songs or during a song [EEKKK] or you had to download music every time you listened to it; it would have crushed the company.

They hit the market at precisely the right time but they played a magic trick that no one else had done thanks to the genius coding and idea of Daniel Ek.

All software companies have a special magic trick they play that makes them unique, sometimes it's not obvious and other times it's the entire reason they are a company.

What magic trick are you creating that will make you known in your career, work, business or startup?



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