Self Care.



With all your focus and energy going into your life and work remember to take care of yourself. 

Relax, refresh and regroup your mind so you can battle again.

Nourish your soul and deliver vitamins to your mind by listening to something uplifting, going for a walk, taking the day off, turn your phone off, have a crystal salt bath.

Running two businesses, dancing close to 30 hours per week (every week for over ten years), being a husband, new father and taking on the adventure of creating daily content, hosting my own seminars, events, building online courses and more it's super important for me to have self-care.

Not to mention the insane level of problems and challenges that have been thrown at me on a regular basis from my close friend dying to my almost losing my child at birth which includes my wife's very complicated post-birth, a illness ridden family, among the myriad of ups and downs that go with servicing clients all over the place.

After all, I cannot be of use to anyone sick, depleted of energy, or exhausted.

I'll let you in on a secret, I love a midday nap.

Been monitoring my sleep for several years and know my perfect sleep ratio but a daily nap for only 14-20 minutes is key to being able to bring the joy, energy, and execution to all I do.

I treat my sleep as one of the highest priorities along with 3-4 weekly magnesium recovery baths, daily supplements, high intake of water, swapped out the caffeine for decaf coffee and high organic intake of good foods (I do eat lots of yummy food too). 

A good sleep will always be affected by your outlook on life. One of the first practice's I got engaged in my late teens was to "plant" a positive or good idea into my head as I was sleeping by autosuggestion and then when I wake to think of it again. 

If you go to sleep thinking of a bad day, feeling negative toward life, not only will your unconscious mind will deliver you a shitty night of sleep you will wake up feeling terrible.

My life revolves around treating life as I am a high-performance athlete, as I once was, I still carry on the habit and I encourage you to look at your food, sleep and now incorporate a rest regime. 

A rubber band held at full extension will eventually snap so ease off creating further tension and take time out just for you.



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