Pick Yourself.



The revolution is in full swing.

If you were to write a book 40 years ago the odds of you getting published, widely circulated and part of mainstream media were virtually zero. You wouldn't make any top-seller lists and launch your career without being published. 

If you were to have a band and wanted to make a living from your music you needed to get signed to a big label, like everyone else. You couldn't make music at home as the drummer on your computer with your guitarist across the world on their computer and have a worldwide band. 

If you were a teacher you could only make your money through working at a school, university or freelancing locally. You couldn't leverage the internet and outsourcing platforms to work from home or create an online course that could sell 24/7 to global students and work the hours you want and get paid more than a school teacher salary.

The playing field has leveled.

You can not only compete with big brands as a startup entrepreneur but you can also look like one from day one.

No one can put a stop on your dreams by choking your rise as you try to ascend the hierarchy by rejecting you because you don't meet the criteria. 

You don't need to wait for someone or those with reach, connections, influence or control to select you.

You can record and hit publish instantly and it can be available for anyone in the world with the internet to watch, listen, join or vote.

It's your time.

Pick yourself.


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