It's Healthy To Know Anger.



Anger is something that is misunderstood as an emotion that is either overused or completely hidden and turned inward. 

Both being dangerous to your health as you'll read on later.

Personally, I was raised to be people please and not to step out of line which was to basically confirm.

I was never taught how to conflict or how to conflict resolute; two very important subjects that most people have no idea about how to do yet serve as a pillar to any healthy relationship.

I was also taught anger is not appropriate and most personal development dangerously taught me that anger isn't acceptable nor right.

To say that negative is bad to feel and positive is only right to feel is actually extremely ignorant, unsubstantiated and stupid to say to people.

We need both to survive and thrive but you don't want the scales to tip too much to anyone single emotion. 

To put it technically you would have a boring-ass life, it would be like eating potatoes all the time.

All you need to do is look at Google Scholar on the work of emotions and you'll find someone like, gee I don't now Paul Ekman [TIME 100 most influential in the field of facial expression and emotions] who categorized six primary emotions and four of them are negative; does this mean he is wrong and we are wrong to have them?

All emotions serve a vital and healthy function in the right context and dosage [what emotions are the right ones what right means and appropriate dosage are too big of a subject for me to even attempt to tackle here] to some extent for our survival but they also can dictate the quality of our lives.

But we are no longer cavemen and cavewomen.

Some emotions are better in the wild than in the city. 

So, which emotions rule your day?

Have you ever consciously analyzed your emotional state and found the triggers associated with how you feel?

"Know thyself" is good advice here.

Anger can serve as a very HEALTHY function if you know how to use it and most people do not.

They move into one of the two emotions surrounding anger from rage reactions to the other end of the spectrum simply repressing anger. Turning it inward. 

Here is a quote from a lecture I took part in with Gabor Mate. An internationally recognized physician with expertise in trauma, addiction, cancer, and auto-immune disease.

"Repression of anger leads to autoimmune disease and cancer. When you're raging all the time that leads to heart disease and strokes. 

Studies have shown that after a rage episode the risk of your heart attack doubles in the next two hours."

I want to give you the confidence and the permission [if you won't give it to yourself] to ALLOW yourself to get angry and to vent it WHERE it's the reasonable circumstance to do so.

To live in that emotion for too long is not healthy.

As Shrek says "better out than in" although that context referred to a different body reaction. 

Jesus got angry in the bible. He got pissed off to which you may ask the question what was the purpose of being angry? 

It's not just a default emotion although it may be one of the easiest to feel.

It's justifiable and it's healthy in the right amount and the right context. 

Be warned.

Do not let anger get control and in control of you because the negative effects of the anger produce acid as a correlating by-product within the body are known to cause a host of malice in the body.

Consider anger your pressure release gauge and be confident to use it and point it in the right direction, for the right purpose, and in the right context.



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