Why Your Iphone Is Killing Your Dreams.



"but you have a brand new i-phone!" I said to my friend.

This friend was struggling to get a grip on what they wanted in life.

Often touting lack of money as the reason they couldn't invest into their own future.

This conversation was not unique. 

Dealing with clients every day I see them come to me and when we discuss the real-ness of life...at the core desire level of what they want, the first thing that comes up.

The reasons why they cannot do it, namely: Money, time, lack of resources.

Except...there's that new i-phone they own.

Or perhaps let's swap the i-phone for a computer, TV, car, latest whatever.

What most people fail to comprehend is that you will find the way to get what you want, no matter what. 

How many times have you suddenly found the money for a coffee or an overseas trip or something you really desired?

It's just most people don't demand more from themselves and most people do not believe in themselves to the point where they can lose it all and build it back again.

This is a beautiful truth I would highly suggest you adopt.

But it's a self-fulfilling prophecy because the narrative in the mind of most people is "I work hard, so I deserve X."

And then a truly great opportunity presents itself and then ye olde excuse mechanism's kick in...and they kick-in hard.

"How could I possibly do that, I am so busy..."

"What would people think if I did that..."

"How am I going to find the money for that..."

This is where you need to seriously check your own level of bullshit and excuse manufacturing facility up in your head.

You have already created results in the past that you had NO idea how they were going to manifest, all you knew is you wanted it.

Playing it safe and going after what you know you can do is a sure fire way to lose.

The metaphor of a new i-phone is equally true to any consumerist product that stands in the way between you and your dream.

When I was $57,000 in debt I had to step back and go...hold on...wait a moment.

Something MUST change in order for my life to change.

And I was done. I was just done being average, feeling a lack of control and also knowing deep down that to get ahead you need to be consumer debt-free.

I sold my computer, our expensive items, basically, anything we didn't need, I renegotiated our rent down by $75 per week, consolidated everything.

We reduced our living expenses to the literal bare minimum.

No dinners, no evening's out, no new clothes.

Because I was aware of the trap I was in, one I created and that I needed to invest into my education, my future wealth and my business to be able to build back up.

So when I see a friend with a shiny new I-phone complaining to me about not having money to pursue their passion, enjoy a once in a lifetime experience or to take a risk on a dream they have...I do not empathise. 

I suggest that i-phone is potentially costing them their future and it's time to make a decision. 

Is it the latest shiny object you will trade your life for or living your dreams out in a  loud and soul-fulfilling way that's more important to you?



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