Even Jesus Needed Sandwiches!



You may have some big dreams and shooting for the next galaxy but some people are just not here to be number one, the front-runner, the leader - El Presidente!

Often a number two or three in a company can do better than a number one. Sometimes the teacher has a better lifestyle than the principal. 

I had this hard conversation with one of my employees because the results didn’t reflect their true potential. 

Not that I am the judge or jury but it is obvious when a person is off track and they are in things for the wrong reason.

It is easy to think maybe more time, more training, more upskilling would solve this problem. 

But I have found we flourish in our highest capacity when we are connected & living out our purpose. 

Mistakes are normal and natural but when things are really not working out over a respectable period and with results going backward - you are off track. 

It is so easy to be misguided by the glitz and glamour of those who have “made it” and swallow the pill to think I can be the next <insert anomaly gigantic public figure name here> but that is not how life is to function.

Imagine living in a world with 1,000,000,000 Popes, or Tony Robbins, or Gary Vee’s or Celine Dion's. 

Dear lord! 

It's not a dig on those people, quite the opposite. The reason you know about certain people is that they stepped in and stepped up to their uniqueness.

We always admire the person who has beaten their own path and express who they are unapologetically. 

Every person has a purpose and that purpose matters.

Think for a moment.

Even Jesus needed someone to make his sandwiches.

Is the person who made those sandwiches less important because of the role when you compare it to the enormity of Jesus’ impact? 

If you say yes consider that if JC was in the kitchen he probably wouldn’t have had time to go spread his word. 

All roles matter and are of value. The value may differ in size but the greater value can never discount the lesser because it all contributes and it's separate to your worth.

It would be like saying I only love roses but forgetting that the soil, sun, water, and steward of the garden all contribute to the beauty. All are needed and all matter. 

In fact, a beautiful rose will never bloom without the other pillars propping it up for the world to enjoy its beauty. 

Owning the role of the sandwich maker and making the best darn sandwiches is absolutely key to how this whole thing works.

This is the core of my philosophy. You have a purpose and you have the duty to uncover it and then live it out loud.

Trying to be like someone else is ridiculous and cheating yourself of creating a vibrant, powerful you that you can be proud of.  

Instead of scratching, clambering, and pushing your way to the top find your purpose and find the vehicle that best suits the delivery of your purpose and watch how much joy, happiness and fulfillment you experience when you find your place. 



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