Bet On Yourself.



One of the doctrines I subscribed to was one of being others focused. But I took this to the extreme. 

Like I would make it my mission to help people left, right and center. 

It appeared to have a nice ring to it and knowing how to help others also opens up so many doors. But each door you open has a cost to it. 

The cost can be your emotional well-being and honestly, I got taken advantage of many times.

I think each experience happens as a way to grow (so long as you’re not putting yourself in the same situations) and can make you wiser and for some, it can turn oneself into an incredibly inward; selfish person.

Like, I don’t think you’d believe it if I told you how short-sighted, arrogant and impatient some people are. Especially when it comes to those who say they want to be helped.

I have learned there is a difference between wanting help and being ready to receive help.

I have also learned people have to qualify for my time. This can sound really douche-baggy but if you’re really operating at a high level you need to be a little less accessible as more people who “want” help try to take, take, take without ever giving back.

I have learned that you can really make an impact in someone's life in a positive way and they can still turn it around to burn you, hurt you, or try to bury you. 

The point is; never stop bringing the awesome but always have a way for people to earn your help.

If you have something that others want they have got to be ready it will fall on deaf ears and you look like the bad person.

Whatever happens, I try my best to have compassion and I use those who go against me as a way to strengthen my faith in God and in myself.

I have made way too many bets that never favoured me and backfired in the long run.

It has not killed my passion actually it makes me far more energetic to find awesome people to be around. Nor has it made me bitter it’s simply made me more aware. 

I am a human doing his best to be better each day and bring along anyone who wants to do this too. 

If you bet on yourself you will NEVER lose. 



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