Balance Doesn't Exist.



For those of you yearning for the day for balance to come into your life, now is the moment to realize it won't.

It's not supposed to. 

It's just a lure you place in your own life to give you hope that one-day things will be better. 

And whilst the future is bright with promise, homeostasis does not exist.

The mistake being made is confusing a balance in life with harmony.

Being in resonance with the now whilst understanding the now is also eternal.

I want you to think of a garden with a beautiful green lawn.

The moment that grass is cut it is instantaneously growing once more.

You get a haircut and your hair grows back whilst you are getting your hair cut.

Do you really think your garden or hair schedules a time for growth?


So far as we know, everything in life is in a constant state of growth and simultaneous decay.

As such the desperate clinging, your futile struggle against things changing is wasting your beautiful energy and the limited time you have to enjoy life on earth.

Look around you in awareness.

You may, for a moment, have a good ratio of work, life, friendships, spirituality, hobbies, relationships, family time but it's all in a constant state of flux.

It's not meant to stay the same and it's not meant to remain.

Here are 3 ways you can create more harmony instead of discord in your life:

1. Embrace.

Associate right into the feelings you are feeling right in the moment. Be of it and with it and feel it all. 

Good, bad, indifferent, sad, happy, anger, fear and every other emotion - permit yourself to feel it and recognize its purpose.

Feelings are not mutually exclusive. 

Once you've embraced your feelings of the situation, let them go. 

2. Simplify.

Don't add. Subtract. 

Selectively let go and remove what isn't working in your life anymore this includes but not limited to projects, people, and positions.

Be aware that everything has a time limit on it.

Be not driven to urgency, fret, or scarcity because of this use that awareness to enjoy the moments more.

3. Purpose.

When you tap into your purpose the weight of the problems disappears.

The single greatest way you will have more clarity and understanding on how people, events, situations, issues, tragedies, grace, beauty and circumstances come in and out of your life is when you live out your purpose.

When you realize your life is more about living your purpose than struggling to balance everything you can reach a point of totally letting go of the outcome.

When you let go of the outcome you have the true power within yourself.

You'll have more energy going with the river instead of swimming against it.



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