A Little Help. [3 Keys To Strengthen Your Strengths & Grow Your Success]


A strength of mine is work it can lead to over-committing which can lead to overwhelming drive or what I refer to as "bottleneck productivity."

If you have ever felt maxed out - you are not alone.

Everyone has different levels of what this means. 

Most people say they are busy but I think they confuse busy with being disorganized and in reaction mode to the day. 

To list a few projects and businesses I am working with and on currently:

  • Running a dance company with close to 100 clients per week attending classes, events, lessons, and managing teachers and new business.
  • Creating new projects to service the 500,000 followers on FB, 30,000 users and technology testing/feedback for the new company I invested into in Sweden, Cubimo.
  • Building a new coaching company.
  • Develop my new seminar.
  • Write my book.
  • Building new marketing funnels and sales processes.
  • Managing our new not for profit Mission For Millions.
  • Daily blogging [this].
  • Creating 8 YouTube shows per month for 2 different markets.
  • Running monthly entrepreneur events locally.
  • Daily personal development.
  • Cultivating a successful marriage and raising a newborn (best thing ever!).
  • Me time and the development of ideas.

I will never use those as an excuse not to do family events, meet with new people I find interesting, take a spontaneous trip to the coast, sleep in late, work late, get up early, take a Thursday off, execute on a new idea or whatever I want to do.

Anyone who speaks on my behalf and says I am busy doesn't understand how high performers operate.

A truism that you may want to adopt is; you only ever do the things you want to do.

You are never obligated or have to do something you do not want to do as that is an impossibility.

Those are just ways of flattering yourself into believing that if you really do something that you don't actually want to; well you look better for it.

You are not busy when you are in control.

But that is because of one important thing:

I have the courage to ask for help. 

There is no way you can run a business, let alone, scale a business - heck, scale your life without changing the way you operate.

As an example. 

I have a virtual assistant to handle all my social media and is a content ninja (I have over 12 personal profiles totaling 65k followers and about a dozen websites) with a library of content.

Before I struggled because the content was just not going out as I tried to do it myself but it's a big job and my energy should be devoted to my craft, not management.

I have a monthly bookkeeper, accountant, outsource graphics/design, odd jobs online and offline, video production, transcription services and have a videographer on retainer.

The common mistake most people fall into is the trap of "I can't afford to outsource" or worse yet thinking they can do everything.

The latter is where most people reside. 

You cannot do everything. 

The chances are you suck at almost everything except a few key areas, just like me, but what is important to note:

What are the 3-5 things you need to be great at for your business to be successful?

For me, it's oratory, writing, sales & marketing, hiring, training teams.

Anything else is noise and will distract my attention.

I want to spend the majority of my time on creating content and launching successful concepts.

I am working on mastering those every day and the rest I find people who are rock stars in their arena to be part of the team who also supplement my weaknesses. 

But, and this is important, I know the in's and out's of the work the people I hire are to do so I can lead effectively.

For you to succeed know that your current strengths may not be good enough to get to the level you wish to succeed at.

3 Keys To Strengthen Your Strengths & Grow Your Success

  1. Get a grip on all facets of your business and how to do them well [including; website design, graphics, copy, sales, marketing, basic books, finance, productivity, tech].
  2. Then outsource your weaknesses and the tasks you don't need to master. [Never outsource without understanding the process or what you are outsourcing intricately] 
  3. Upskill your strengths to the level that your goals require.

You cannot develop your personal weaponry by being distracted by all the day to day running of your life so it is of utmost importance you start assembling a team to help you.

Then you can focus on the areas that bring you the most joy and the key areas that make you the most profit both financially and psychic income.

You can't afford not to.



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