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Here's what others are saying...

"...super love the Maximise Your Day PDF. I can easily use it!"

"...I love listening to the course lessons again and again to help reinforce the ideas in my mind. When I get to work after about a 20min walk, I feel energized and ready to tackle the day!"

"...I've found more time for my family."

"...The clearing of mind exercise was helpful in making me articulate those things that keep me from living my dreams."


Hello friend!

UNLOCK your day is a revolutionary online program designed to decrease distraction, increase productivity and help you systemize your life - so you can free up time to enjoy doing what you love to do.

The 8 week, or 60 day, course is a step by step guide to helping you become extremely efficient whilst enjoying the person you become in the process.

Listen, we all have the same 24 hours and it's how we use that time that counts.

You're day tomorrow is already taken up by habits; automatic actions.

Do your habits serve you or do they cripple you?

Do you keep trying to make things happen, yet your results never change?

Are you sick and tired of trying to change yet always being frustrates, overwhelmed and stressed?

Then you have come to the right place!

This goes well beyond a "to-do" list, although I will give you one that is a to-do list on steroids.

You will learn and reinforce things about you that will change how you operate.

Remove the distractions that are holding back your success has never been easier.

Doubling or tripling your productivity is now a possibility

If you want more time, money and control in your life - you can now access it!

Here is a break down of the 8 week lessons:

WEEK 1: Productivity and Success Setup
The initiation phase will have you get everything in your life finally sorted, thrown out, systematize and of course a day planner like no other. In fact I used this 1 lesson to create millions of dollars in sales working part time.

WEEK 2: How to Create More Time & Use It

We all get the same 24 hours in a day. The trick is how to spend the right time doing the right actions to produce the results you want.

Most people waste time on unproductive activities and wonder why they never earn more or produce what they want

WEEK 3: 5 Habits of Success

After 15 years of research and interviewing some of the most successful people on the planet these 5 habits are a resounding occurrence. Now you can learn and implement them in your life today

WEEK 4: 5 Steps to Eliminate Procrastination Forever

Procrastination is not something you need to live with. Understand what it is, when it happens and how to conquer it. It's a habit you can easily remove if you follow the 5 steps.

WEEK 5: How to UNLOCK Peak Performance in 9 Areas of Your Life

As a world professional dancer and entrepreneur my life is revolved around peak performance. I am used to dancing for 6 hours per day WHILST running several businesses and keeping a happy marriage! Let's just say there are secrets to this that you need to MASTER to unlock and unleash the success you deserve.

WEEK 6: How to Outsource

If you're not outsourcing in your business then you are simply an employee working for yourself masquerading as a business. You simply cannot do everything yourself. All smart business owners hire or outsource talent to look after what they are not good at. Learn the websites, resources and how to's plus what to avoid doing!

WEEK 7: 46 Productivity Hacks

Being productive is not just about a to-do list (although that is the starting point). I researched possible every type of productivity method used today and compiled them into these lessons. You can literally pick and choose the ones that suit your personality, lifestyle and needs. I think it's better if you can select the methods and build your own system that suits how you operate.

WEEK 8: 50 Productivity Tools

I researched time-proven and tested cloud based software, websites and apps that will increase your efficiency by at least 85%.I have separated them into 15 areas of your life such as accounting, advertising, email marketing, graphics and much more.

Here are some extra features:

- each video you go through will REMEMBER where you left off - in case you need to run out and do something.

- you mark off each video as you go, so you know where you're up to

- it's available across all platforms and devices

- each video will be drip fed to you week to week...you can't access more than the week you are in. This way you don't get over whelmed with activity, it's been perfectly structured to guide you for 60 days!

But as you're a winning action taker and will do it right now, you don't need to worry about that, now do you?

I truly look forward to bringing you some cutting edge ideas to make your 2017 not only the best ever, but the least stressful and most productive you've ever had.

Finally, there is a 30 day, iron-clad money back guarantee from the moment you begin.

How you will learn:

- weekly HD video lesson online between 10-25 minutes each

- action based exercises and PDF's (where needed)

- bonus: Mp3 Audio download of lesson

- bonus: Weekly course has 1 additional video related to the subject to help you succeed quicker.

- comments are a where you can connect and ask Vaughan how to improve your particular struggles

So if you want:

- more sales in your business...

- to remove anything in your life you feel is crippling your progress...

- how to get more time in your day...

- learn how to take quantum leaps in any area of your professional or personal life...

Then make sure you enroll in the course right now.

To your success,

Vaughan Liddicoat

International Speaker & Coach | World Professional Athlete | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

UNLOCK your day

UNLOCK the strategies & practical techniques the most successful people use to create faster results in any field. Create time freedom, remove distraction, boost productivity, peak perform & more! 30 day money back promise. No questions. No hassles. It's time to destroy procrastination, remove distraction and multiply your results so you can live a life of freedom. There's no secret to it...Productive people are happier, healthier and less stressed. Take advantage of this awesome offer now.

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